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Pony Spotlight

August 2005

This is the part of PonyNuts where the very special ponies out there get recognised. If you know a pony who has done something special, whether his helped you trot for the first time, helped build your confidence after a fall or even competed at a big competition, heres the place for you to say thanks.
Every month, I'll sort through your nominations and choose a worthy winner to put up on this site. I'll need a photo and some facts about the pony as well as why he or she is special. If your pony is displayed on Pony Spotlight, you'll recieve a certificate to print off via email.
So start entering:


It's August 1st, and time for me to choose the next pony to win the coveted Pony Spotlight award!!
And this month the honours go to Brian, nominated by Amy. These are her reasons:
"The reason I have nominated Brian is because he was very special to me. He was sadly put to sleep on the 17th March 2005 at only 10 months old. He meant the world to me and I would do or give anything just to have him back for a day. I loved him to bits and he loved me. RIP Brian"


Brian has won the August 2005 Pony Spotlight award, and a certificate will be sent to Amy very soon.
Well done!! 

Previous Winners
January 2005 - Solo, nominated by Kate
February 2005 - Misty, nominated by Kirsty
March 2005 - Hector, nominated by Vicki
April 2005 - Khan, nominated by Michelle
May 2005 - Arizona, nominated by Bonnie
June 2005 - Manny, nominated by Rosie
July 2005 - Boots, nominated by Michelle
August 2005 - Brian, nominated by Amy