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Solo's News

June 2005

This page is now Solo's Diary...
PonyNuts very own smooth operator lets you in on his busy celebrity lifestyle.
We interviewed him and here's what we found:
Name: Solo - Mayfield Magic if we're being posh
Height: 14.1hh and a little bit
Age: Thats personal, that is...!! Oh ok, I'm 10.
Breed: A bit of a mixture apparently, but I tend to use the old Arab x New Forest line when chatting up the fillies...
Colour: Dark bay
Markings: A striking white blaze and two white socks I've heard described as cute
Favourite past-time: Being cool. And jumping. It's what I do best.
Favourite food: Weetabix washed down with a bit of Carling!! I do eat most things though. I also like those sweet Likit things but for some reason they're attached to a ball that spins round every time I try and take a bite... Very confusing.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Cool, talented and just plain gorgeous
Solo, that wasn't 3... I never was good at maths...


This picture was taken on June 2nd, in the field at home.

Riding in the Field
What with the weather being all sunny and nice, Kate decided that today she'd take us on a little walk to the field rather than in the big sandy school. At first I thought this would be a great excuse to stick my nose down and eat some grass, but nooooo...
She made me work really hard!! Lots of walking collected and extended then some sideways stuff (leg yielding as the fancy types call it...) then similar in trot. And the fields on a slight hill so I was really having to use my leg muscles to keep me going!!
She did let me have a good canter afterwards though to stretch my legs out.
Here's the photographic evidence of my work today...!!



More news and gossip, straight from the horses mouth, coming soon...